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We do hosting and it's great. Our hosting is UK based on Dell hardware so it's not the cheapest in the world, but it is good value.


The vast majority of our web design customers also host with us. Why? Because it saves them time. When something goes wrong with their website, they call one number and we sort it, no passing the buck from hosting company to web design company and back again, no automated telephone systems, we take ownership and we sort it.


You can have shared-hosting from £12+VAT/month and it goes up from there until you've got your own dedicated server, or possibly even several servers.

Fiddly bits

Your average hosting company doesn't want to know if you want to install Imagemagick or Postgres on their servers because it's a bit of extra work for them, and it means you can't have very many sites on one server, but we do. We'll charge you a bit extra, but you get the software you need for your application.

The small print

A full copy of our Hosting Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.